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Tenderloin Tray

We cook Whole Beef Tenderloin to your specification. Pick between Medium Rare or Medium. Sliced thin or medium and placed on a tray. A 4-pound tenderloin will feed approximately 16 people at 4 ounces per person.

Market rate for Tenderloin and $15 for cooking and slicing.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Cooked with our famous Q sauce. Your choice of 2 sides. Slaw, potato salad, baked beans, or macaroni salad.

$24.99 per slab.

*Ribs will be in steam pan cold at pick up or delivery unless otherwise specified.


Shredded BBQ

Pick between pork, beef or chicken. All shredded in barbeque sauce. Includes buns and your choice of 2 sides. Options for sides are slaw, potato salad, baked beans, or macaroni salad.

$10.99 per person

*BBQ will be in steam pan cold at pick up or delivery unless otherwise specified.

Slider Sandwich

Pick meats from either cold cut or deli salad trays. Cold Cut sliders will include lettuce and tomato on the sandwich or on the side with the mayo and mustard on the side. Each person ordered will include 2 sliders.

Deli Salad: $3.99 per person

Cold Cut: $4.49 per person

Salad Sandwich Tray

Pick one or a Combination of Chicken, Ham, or Egg Salad. Your choice of white, wheat or rye bread.

Sandwiches can be left whole, cut in half or quartered. Lettuce and tomato available.

Each Sandwich feeds one

person $4.49\each

Cold Cut Sandwich Tray

Pick a combination of up to 3 meats. Ham, turkey, and roast beef. Your choice of 2 cheeses. Pick between white, wheat or rye. Each sandwich included lettuce and tomato with mayo and mustard on the side.

Each Sandwich feeds one person. $5.49\each

Cold Cut Tray

Sliced and layered combination of meats and Cheese. Ham, Turkey, or Roast Beef. Your Choice of cheese.

Bread, and\or Condiments available.

$4.09 per person

Box Lunch

Deli style sandwiches made with your choice of meat and cheese. Lettuce and tomato on the side.

Each comes with chips, pickle, cookie and a drink.


Charcuterie Tray

A spread of cured meats and cheese. We build this one to order! Add on garnishes and condiments. Each one is created for you! Call or stop in and we will help you create a great tray!

Price varies


Our Store made meatballs, cooked in your choice of red or barbeQue sauce.

Half pan $45

Add Hoagie rolls and provolone cheese for meatball subs!

Chicken Tenders

Breaded chicken tenders with our own blend of spices. barbecue sauce and honey mustard on the side. Paired with steak fries and ketchup.

Half pan of tenders and half pan of fries $49.99

Dinner Combo

Thick sliced turkey or roast beef slowly warmed in gravy. Served with whipped potatoes, roasted vegetables, and a dinner roll with butter.

$14.99\per person

Al La Carte

Chicken Salad $7.99\lb.
Ham Salad $7.49\lb.
Tuna Salad $7.99\lb.
Pork BarbeQue $7.99\lb.
Beef BarbeQue $8.99\lb.
Mayo Potato $3.99\lb.
Mustard Potato $3.99\lb.
Red Skin $4.49\lb.
Summit Slaw $4.99\lb
Italian Pasta Salad $4.99
Macaroni Salad $4.49
BBQ Baked Beans $5.99\lb.


Giving us 24 hours’ notice allows us to offer up our very best!

Have a request? While this catering menu is what we currently do best, some of these have been born out of our customer’s ideas! Ask us!

Prices subject to change

We also offer

Vegetable Trays
Cheese Trays
Relish Trays
Shrimp Trays

Snacks and Spreads
Salami Dip $6.99\lb.
Pimento Cheese $6.99\lb.
French Onion Dip $4.99\lb.
Spinach Dip $5.49\lb.
Buffalo Chicken Dip $7.99\lb.


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